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"We understand that getting top tier clients is not easy. Our program and supportive community of like-minded professionals focus on the key elements to ensure business development success.
-Taz Sadhukhan, Founder & COO

Our Executive Team:


Jay Kingley

CEO and Founder

Throughout his career, Jay has directed the marketing and business strategy for companies, ranging from solo practitioners to large multinational corporations. Having played a lead role for over 35 years in business development, sales, and lead generation he has mastered the techniques of building long-lasting relationships required to grow businesses. He has his undergraduate degree from Cornell and an MBA from Wharton with several successful start-up ventures under his belt. Jay sits on several Boards of Directors and is often a guest speaker at industry events. Find out more about Jay on LinkedIn.


Taz Sadhukhan

COO and Founder

Taz lends to the team her expertise in building scalable solutions for businesses. She has a unique talent for understanding the pain points around customer delivery and experience. Having been the CEO of a medical weight loss company spanning NJ, NY, and PA she has a unique perspective on the challenges a small business owner faces to execute a viable business and customer acquisition.  Additionally, as the former COO of a boutique marketing consulting firm, Taz routinely worked with business owners to solve complex problems in marketing and operations.  Taz started her career in the corporate arena helping private companies go public and then transitioned into the small business and entrepreneurial world for the last 15 years. She is currently a Board Member of the CCPA. Find out more about Taz on LinkedIn.

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