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"For anyone who needs assistance in honing your messaging and gaining access to 'top 20%' professionals, I highly recommend Centricity."

Matt Rutter - CEO, Enspire

Our members say it best:

"I have belonged to a number of networking groups. None of them come close to the value that Centricity provides. Centricity has developed a teaching process that not only connects you to the best businesses to have as networking partners but they teach you a step by step process to build your networking message, connect with the right businesses, and develop a trusted network of partners from which to get and give referrals. Taz and Jay take the time to work with each client individually to make them the best they can be. They are a class organization and I highly recommend them."

Mark Samuel - Owner, Jomark Business Fitness



"Centricity is the best virtual networking group that I've come across ever. Their program is unique in that they offer both an educational and networking /referral component, which have helped me transform my elevator pitch and messaging and optimize our referral and networking processes. I've also developed lifelong friendships and a steady flow of referrals and new clients in just the first few months. One of the best ROI's out there!"

Marc MacIntosh - Founder & CEO, RevGrow

"As a Centricity Network member, I'm appreciative of establishing successful referral relationships with highly regarded and trusted B2B professionals. Strongly encourage and recommend joining - great investment of time with immediate benefit.

Alan King - President & CEO, King & Son Consulting

"Absolutely the best digital networking group. Centricity is amazing at helping B2B professionals refine their message and building a professional network that works."

Jake Strack - Direct of Sales & Marketing, VYE Consulting

"I was introduced to Centricity over a year ago and I decided to join the group because I truly enjoyed their approach to networking. By building relationships and referring business within the community, I have generated over $10,000 in new business. In addition, I had the opportunity to present at one of their local events and I was able to generate over 22 appointments in less than 15 minutes. Thank you Centricity for being an amazing group."

Julbert Abraham - CEO, AGM 

"Centricity is a great virtual networking group, their program is unique in that they offer both educational and referral relationship network modules. The Centricity team provides so much support, guidance and resources to help any size business - group settings, personalized coaching, perfecting pitches – they provide you with every tool possible to become a more productive B2B networker. Whether you are a “start-up” or an experienced entrepreneur, you need to check out Centricity."

Michael Todisco - President, Apprenticeship Connections

"I'm actually pretty certain that signing up with Centricity was one of the best things I did for my business this year. I've met so many great people to not only meet and refer but also to use for my clients.

Andrea Wolkofsky - Co-Founder, Shyft Digital

"Centricity transformed my sales pitch and processes! I had been responsible for sales at our creative agency for about eight months prior to meeting Jay and Taz from Centricity. While I am excellent at helping other business leaders craft their value proposition and clarify their messaging, I needed help in conveying our value. Through group networking sessions, group advising, and individual coaching, the Centricity leaders and fellow members have helped me write a succinct intro/pitch, define our "top 5% and 20%" services, and design a sales strategy that leverages referral opportunities from other professionals serving mid-market businesses. As a result, we just had our best two months EVER as a company. For anyone who needs assistance in honing your messaging and gaining access to "top 20%" professionals, I highly recommend Centricity."

Matt Rutter - CEO, Enspire

"Hands down this is the best virtual networking platform I've ever been a part of. The Centricity team has figured out the "secret sauce" when it comes to maximizing virtual technology to bring together business executives in a fun yet productive way to make real connections and have valued conversations."

Nicole Seakules - Director of Business Development - TIMBER IT Consulting

"Networking can be incredibly challenging. Frequently, you are firing from the hip, hoping that meet someone with access to your target customer. Centricity is designed to pair you with exactly who you need to speak to. It doesn't end there, the Centricity team has effectively established a weekly professional development course. In a world of noise, Centricity is perfecting how you sound to your referral partners. The goal is to get that wow factor. I cannot speak highly enough about the impact Centricity has had on my messaging and quality of network. If you are struggling to connect with high quality professionals, you need to try Centricity."

Tyler Zalucki - Employee Benefits Consultant, Trion Group

'I have completely drunk the Kool-Aid. In a short time I have seen changes and improvements in how to market who I am and what I do. No BS! (That's an inside joke to my fellow Centricity members.) Definitely worth the investment!"

Lee Barnathan -  President, LB Communications

"I have been involved in several Centricity Inner Circles and Roundtables and have found them to be invaluable networking opportunities. The meetings are structured to give participants the tools to help members become effective advocates for each other and to help everyone grow their businesses. Moreover, because the meetings are face-to-face online, I can collaborate with other professionals without geographic obstacles and without having to waste time commuting to and from meetings. Between Centricity's techniques and today's technologies, this is the future of focused networking!

Robert Curtiss - Account Executive, Business Group Resources

"Centricity has helped me generate new opportunities, plus provided professional growth and great camaraderie." 

Darian Muresan, Ph.D. - Co-Founder, and CTO Iconasys

"Outstanding virtual program for networking and sharpening new business skills. Perfect for these challenging times."

Mark Gruen, Founder Gruen Sells, LTD

"Love the referral partnerships I am cultivating in Centricity. I also love all the things I am learning, honing in on and applying to bring out the best possible referral partner I can be to others, while being the best version of myself in my business!"

Francie Schildhauer, Legalshield

"We had several less than stellar networking encounters. That stopped when we met Jay and Taz. We gave Centricity a try... SOLD! The relationships we developed and grew are amazing. It's not just the virtual networking that saves transit time but the magic is in the structured approach and Deep Dive that allow individuals to really connect. Truly the extraordinary future of creating business connections."

Dr. Mark Lund - CEO and Entrepreneur

"Centricity has provided me the value and an ROI by connecting me with qualified leads and new business opportunities"

Marc Brookland, CEO-Founder  - SEO Locale

"[Centricity] teaches me how to build out my network, craft my message, all from the comfort of my office!"

Albert Gyomber - Founder, Technology Visionaries

"An effective, meaningful networking experience from the convenience of my own desk. Thank you Centricity."

Lauren Hauptman - Owner Lauren Hauptman Ink


"Centricity is very different from networking. It's a strategic and more efficient use of my time." 
Alan Meckler Vice President - Cornerstone Financial Group

"The meeting structure has really accelerated my ability to find high-value referral partners. The structure and tools used in the meetings help me to hone my messaging to stand out in a competitive market"

Veronica Woods - Real Estate Investment Consultant


"The group is made up of fantastic people who truly employ the networking concept.  I also like the format of the meetings - such a great way to quickly get to know your fellow businessmen and women."

Robbin Butler  - Entrepreneur

"I recommend Centricity to anyone who wants to grow their network and receive the tools and coaching to expand their business."

Mike Andrews - Owner/Operator

"Finding the right networking group can be extremely time consuming and expensive. My partner and I tried at least 4 different groups before we found out about Centricity and we were sold! [Centricity's] virtual networking is brilliant! Meeting with the same people virtually once a week (from the comfort of your home or office) has allowed us to hone our message and learn about each other's businesses while building those trusted relationships to help us grow."

Liz Hewson - Entrepreneur

"This is the most efficient way I've come across to build  important business relationships."

M. Alan Blum  - Enterprise Software Consultant


"Building meaningful relationships is essential to growing my business and Centricity helps me do this quickly and effectively."

Chuck Hendershot CEO-Founder- Feel@Home Realty

"I have been impressed with Centricity from the get-go. Centricity provides the process, tools, personal involvement and coaching to assure your success. Is it easy? No. Does it produce results? Yes. Centricity offers the most effective networking I have ever encountered."

Anne Seline - Managing Partner, Everyday Checks & Balances

"We learn how to explain what we do and how we do it to people outside our industry. We build trust and get great insights into the work of other caring, skilled business owners."

Jean Good - Financial Consultant


"I know building my network is important but as a busy owner-operator of my own Insurance agency I wear multiple hats and time is tight. Belonging to my business Inner Circle run by Centricity has been one of the best investments I’ve made. I’m building quality relationships quickly." 

Jeff O. Jones - Best Insurance Pro


"I have received more referrals that have turned into closed business in two years being a member of the Somerset Hills BPA using Centricity's program than I did in 4 years at BNI."

Denise Mooney - Avenue Travel Group - American Express


"We decided to bring in Centricity because they offer the right format to create these relationships faster, have them become productive, and elevate us as a whole.."

Lawrence Moskowitz - Financial Advisor

​"Great group of people who share much more than leads. They share insights and experiences."

Jessica Levin Sullivan, Founder - Got a Guy

"Ever wonder where I ...get all the connections that I am blessed to share with my business associates and friends? Wonder no more! Relationships are valued and cultivated, ... Centricity is the answer! "

Rosemary Rosencrans Managing Member - Wizard Accounting


"This network has transformed my business and it really happened faster than I would have thought it could. I'm so glad I took the opportunity when I did. "

Alan Bernstein  - Financial Advisor

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