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Corporate To Consultant:

Fast Track Your Way To A Thriving Consulting Practice

You Left Corporate And Became A Consultant But You're Tired Of The Hustle and Grind of 

Not Knowing Where Your Next Client Is Coming From


No more time to waste.

  • You've tried doing it yourself.

  • You've tried do-it-yourself courses including reading every book you could find and didn't know where to start.

  • You've tried other programs and bootcamps that promised results in "90-days" or less but didn't.

  • You've tried the "millionaire consultant" that promised the moon but left you wondering what you were doing wrong.

  • You're here because you know you're great at what you do and ready to get results and no longer leave it up to chance.


You want to be in a position to choose the clients you want to work with and be fully booked with clients willing to pay top dollar for your services.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • The five levers you have to make an impact in your business

  • Why focus is key

  • Messaging and positioning that will outsmart your competitors


You'll get some useful resources and gifts throughout the presentation. Stay to the end for a special gift!

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