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Subject: An interview for you to consider

Dear XXX,


The CEO of Centricity recently interviewed me to talk about my expertise for their podcast - The Best Kept Secret, and blog series - Expert Advice From Experts. They will be helping me get my message out. 

I think Jay would be a great person for you to meet to see if there's a good fit and to learn more about each other's organizations. In a nutshell, they work with independent consultants like us who have left the corporate world and want to do better marketing themselves to get more clients.


Based on my experience so far, I think it would be time well spent. Thanks in advance for giving this your thoughtful consideration. 


I have cc'd Jay Kingley, the CEO of Centricity, so he knows I recommended you. 


Here's the link to get on his calendar to discuss this opportunity.

-- Your Name


Subject: I would recommend you attend this training

Dear First Name,

I recently was introduced to a company, Centricity, and they have a free training called Fast Track Your Way To A Thriving Consulting Practice.  It is chockful of information for consultants who are great at what they do but are struggling to get clients consistently. I think it would be worth 1-hour of your time.

Highlights of what you will take away

  • The five levers that make the most impact on your business

  • Why consultants find themselves negotiating their price

  • Messaging and positioning that will outsmart your competitors


I have cc'd Jay Kingley, the CEO of Centricity so he knows I recommended you. 


Here's the link to get registered for the next one.

-- Your Name

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