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Rob Bovarnick
Bovarnick and Associates
How To Work With Your Attorney
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Rob is a business attorney with the motto--looking at legal issues through the eyes of a business owner--don't over lawyer the deal. His view is that he is running a small business, so everything he looks at for his clients starts with this perspective. When he says "don't over lawyer the deal" he means that too many attorneys are more interested in billing that lash hour, rather than figuring out what is best for the client.

Philadelphia based business law firm representing small to mid-sized business and entrepreneurs in general corporate, business litigation, and debtor/creditor relations

In this episode

Rob Bovarnick, lead partner of Bovarnick and Associates gives the inside view on how a business owner can get the most out of their outside corporate attorney. Rob advises that you should look at your outside corporate counsel in the same way as you do your Primary Care Physician. A healthy dose of prevention punctuated with necessary assignments when problems arise. As Rob observes, when it comes to your relationship with your business attorney, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

How To Work With Your AttorneyRob Bovarnick
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A glimpse of what you'll hear

02:15 Too often lawyers are the Department of No

03:04 It works better when you contact your lawyer sooner rather than later

04:31 Your corporate attorney is the equivalent of your primary care physician for your business

05:50 How often should you meet with your outside corporate attorney?

07:51 What's up with that 6 minute billing increment?

11:34 How to find and retain a fractional general counsel for your business

14:05 Learn about Rob Bovarnick. Email Rob at

Episode Transcript
(Note: this was transcribed using transcription software and may not reflect the exact words used in the podcast.)

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