The Tipping Point is a 1-on-1 client generation advisory program for those who have an expert-based consultancy and feel are great at what they do but struggle to generate referrals consistently to keep their pipeline full. We start you off by understanding your most pressing problem and work through the strategies and tactics to REPLACE your corporate income, BECOME fully booked, and TRIPLE your income with premium pricing without the guesswork.

The program is an intensive 1-on-1 experience ideal for the ex-corporate professional turned independent consultant who wants to have a more predictable pipeline of prospects, use their limited time to its fullest potential and create a business where prospects raise their hands to work with you.

Everything from strategy to day-to-day tactics and execution is customized and tailored around your strengths, personal preferences, and the needs of your particular business. You meet with either of the two co-founders, Jay Kingley or Taz Sadhukhan privately by Zoom for regularly scheduled sessions to create a focused plan of action, review progress and execution, and remove business building obstacles.


Additional support is available via group sessions and unlimited email or communication through the client portal in between your regularly scheduled sessions.



Create a sustainable and predictable marketing and sales pipeline


Establish focus so you build your business quickly


Create thought leadership content and messaging so prospects pay premium pricing for your services


Replace cold outreach for leads with generating prospects that have the pain you solve and the money to engage you


Engage with your prospects at a level where you are seen as a partner not a pair of hands


Integrate a step-by-step process to establish consistent sales and cash flow


Fine-tune pitches and presentations to increase the quality and quantity of closed sales


Build a professional network and increase the number of qualified referrals

Ready To Take

Let's Go!

We wake up every morning truly excited to work with our clients and helping them make an impact on their client's lives. 


We truly believe every consultant deserves a freedom based, transformational business they are proud of.  

Jay Kingley and Taz Sadhukhan have been helping solopreneurs, business owners, and independent consultants with sales and marketing strategy since 2015. We have a combined experience of 50+ years as business owners selling to large multinationals, consumers, as well as small business owners.

We have successfully built a multi-million dollar business ourselves and  bring our knowledge and expertise to help our clients get more clients, become fully booked, and charge premium pricing.